Stella                       Style
Stella and her mama Michelle Baker ~
beautiful puppy from Carmel & Ba Lou Boy

Stella and Style
Stella has quite a list of accomplishments for being just over a year old.  She
has earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen Award and excelled at many levels
of Obedience Training.  She is currently training to compete in Rally
Obedience and has also started learning elements of Agility Courses.  She is
a Registered Therapy Dog and loves to perform her many tricks during her
therapy visits.  Some of her favorite tricks are sit, down, front, find heel,
leave it (keeps a treat on her paw until she is told she can have it), high five,
sit pretty, speak, army crawl, belly up, walking leg weave, figure eight
through the legs, shake, roll over and roll the other way, dancing, jumping
through a hop, and last but not least take a bow.  She is a very quick learner
and eager to please.
New brother- Roc