Lil Roc~ son of Burtha and Rocky~ born here
Baby Roc~ aka 3rd Roc ~ son of Lil Rock and Casey~ born here
~ living with
New mama~ Michelle
Blossom~ daughter of Tacoma & Cedo~born here
born here ~ ~black tri~female
~double blue eyed black tri ~ male
Daughters of Velvet and Rocky~ Born here
Grand father-Armonie-from cross k
Son of Fee Bee and Ba Lou Boy~born here
AKA ~ Fee Bee
living with new
mama- April
Isabella~ daughter of Salsa and Rico
born here~living with new mama~ Beth
puppy from Stormy and Royal
~red tri female
7 Blue eyed puppies
from Pazzaz and Rico
                                    puppies born here living with there new family
double blue eyed ~red tri~ male
Daughter of Fiona and Dally
Son of Stormy and Rico
Son of Dazzle and Rico
Father-Bren From - Lake Front aussies