Here are some frequently asked questions with answers excerpted from the
United States Australian Shepherd Association.

What Are The Breed Characteristics Of Australian Shepherds?

Australian Shepherds were developed to herd livestock and work as all-purpose farm and ranch dogs.  While many Aussies continue to work as stock dogs, the
breed has earned recognition in a variety of other roles because of their high intelligence, train ability and eagerness to please.    Australian Shepherds also work
as Search and Rescue dogs, guide dogs for the blind, therapy and hearing ear dogs, and drug detection dogs.  They have become highly regarded for their skills
in the competitive sports of obedience , agility, and fly ball.   And, most of all they are beloved family companions

What Is The Temperament Of Australian Shepherds?

Aussies are "people" dogs that thrive on human companionship.  They have an intense need to be near their owners, following them from room to room when
indoors and staying close by their heels when outdoors.  Because of this trait, your Aussie will be happiest when kept in the house as a member of your family.  
Dogs kept in kennels or fenced yards need a significant amount of "people" time each day in order to remain emotionally healthy.  Isolation from humans can
quickly ruin an Aussie's personality.

Australian Shepherds that have been properly socialized and trained are ideal family dogs.  They are gentle guardians of small children and enthusiastic
playmates of older children and adults.  However, Aussies are typically reserved with strangers and can be quite protective of their family and property.,   Taking
your dog to training classes and introducing him to a wide variety of people and places will help him develop appropriate social behaviors.

Care For My New Australian Shepherd

Most Aussies are energetic dogs that require vigorous  daily exercise to keep them healthy and happy.   Running, playing with another dog, retrieving a ball or
Frisbee, swimming or participating in other activities are some ways your dog can get the exercise he needs.   If exercise is not provided on a daily basis, your dog
may bark or become destructive out of frustration.      

Grooming My New Australian Shepherd

A healthy Australian Shepherd coat sheds dirt and does not require a great deal of maintenance.  Weekly brushing down to the skin with a pin brush will eliminate
mats and tangles and remove dander and dust.  A slicker brush will help remove undercoat during the shedding season.