Willow River Farm      Our beautiful girls

iniature Australian Shepherd's
Jewel  16'' ~ blue merle ~marble eyes
Fizz ~16'' red merle~green eyes
Zora   15'' ~red merle ~blue & green eye
Skye 15"~blue merle~ blue eyes
Razz  my berry~15'' ~black tri~ brown eyes
Ceder~15'' ~red merle~ brown eyes
Maggie 15'' ~black tri ~brown eyes
willow river farm sky
Jackie Blue 15''~blue merle- blue eyes
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Josey ~ black tri~ brown eyes
Lolly Pop
Black tri- brown eyes
*daughter of Jewel and
daughter of- Starlet and
Black Jack
daughter of- Starlet and
Black Jack
daughter of- Starlet and
Black Jack
daughter of- Cherry Fizz
and Black Jack
daughter of- Starlet and
Black Jack
daughter of- Aerial and
Black Jack
Spice  15''~red tri- green eyes
willow aussie  miniature australian shepherd dogs
willow aussie has available puppies for sale.
willow aussie has beautiful smart loving dogs.
willow river farm makes australian shepherd puppies in all
sizes. mini standard and toy australian shepherds.
willow aussie
willow aussie
Sugar 15''~black tri- brown eyes
Willow Aussie Family dog are Australian Shepherd breeders that have small breed dogs.
These are all the venues in which the Toy Australian Shepherd and Mini Australian Shepherd excels: herding, agility, conformation, obedience, tracking, therapy
and as a active intelligent companion, a great family pet .              
Toy Australian Shepherds and Mini Australian Shepherds have all the attributes of the larger
Australian Shepherd and the advantages of small breed dogs.                
Mini Australian Shepherds  weigh  between 15 to 35 lbs at maturity they range
from 13'' to 18''                    
Toy Australian Shepherds are 12'' and under.
They have blue Merle, red Merle, black or red tri coat
Most toy Australian Shepherds  and Miniature Australian Shepherds have tan and white trim,and their  eyes may be blue, brown, hazel, green, one of each, flecked
or marbled.

The disposition of these small breed dogs is calm and confident, but suspicious of strangers.   
The Toy Australian Shepherds and Mini Australian Shepherd are entirely devoted to their owner       
and will go to great lengths to please, they are easy to train. This is our only breed.

Willow Aussie Family Dog are dog breeders, that have a hobby farm  in  Wisconsin,that have family raised Mini Australian family Shepherd

As  dog breeders of Willow aussie Australian Shepherd~ Miniature Australian Shepherd & Toy Australian Shepherds,
Willow Aussie family dog strives for the true look of the Australian Shepherd and the perfect family pet
We have available Australian shepherd puppies all sizes~ for sale at this time.
Fire Cracker 16''~red tri- hazel eyes