Dog Agility Training and Competition

When It Comes To Dog Agility Sport Training, Aussies Love The
Competition - And The Fun!

Champion dogs in this sport are often Aussies. Of course, this comes as no
surprise to Australian Shepherd owners. Australian Shepherds are naturals
for this sport and dog agility competition is a perfect outlet for their
incredible energy and a showcase for their athleticism.

It is a fun sport that is becoming ever more popular. With dog agility
equipment, training, books and videos readily available it is easier than ever
to join in the fun. Although you can go to a dog agility training center or
join a club, this is a sport for dogs that you can even enjoy in your own

The equipment for agility training and competitions can vary as courses are
often quite different. You can order your own equipment and set it up to
suit your needs (and the size of your yard). There is even software to help
you design the layout of your obstacle course.
Dog Agility Introduction With Training Schools and Clubs
Agility Training Dog Jumping Bar
Courtesy of Firehouse Kennels

Up, up and away!

This sport offers a great way for your Aussie (and you) to get some good
exercise. It's also a great way to meet new friends for both you and your

Training schools and clubs will help you get started. Joining club will put
you in touch with other enthusiasts who will be able to share stories and
training tips. Soon you will be on your way to being a winning team - with
lots of new friends.

The key word here is "fun". It has to be fun for you and your dog. So dogs
should not be forced or scolded into participating or getting on, under, over
or through a piece of equipment. Here's a dog agility training tip. Start early
with your puppy or your dog and take it slow with your dog agility
introduction. Use positive reinforcement and rewards for encouragement.